Gnome Wars: Finally on the Gaming Table



After seeing Gnomes on a battlefield at a HGMS convention, I knew that I wanted to buy into if only just for the novelty. So a regiment of Irish found their way home with me. I painted them up, and took them to the next con and found out how fun the game was too.

Many years later and many hours of painting Gnomes, I have a significant collection of Gnome forces with enough to put on a real game away from the convention. We have been talking about playing for quite a while, and this past Sunday we finally made it happen. Needless to say, after not playing for a long time, it was a relearning of the rules. We found the rules easy to handle, but kept our rulebooks close at hand.

I played the Allies who were comprised of Swiss, Irish, Russian, Sikhs, Highlanders and French with the aid of a friendly wizard. Sevy played a large German force with the Witch and Vampire in their corner. Although I tried to cost up each side fairly, in the end I think that the Allied force was probably a bit deeper even with the Germans having the advantage of some heavy weaponry.

The objective of the battle was to gain control and hold a magical fountain in the center of village.



The battle saw bunny cavalry face a tough crew of Highlanders. As well as a thundering war elephant that cleared a path for the Irish Wolfhounds to finally make their way to the fountain. As we were learning as we went, we were not the fastest, and the afternoon quickly went by. So we called it before we really had a chance to finish, but it was a really fun time. Thanks to Sevy for helping make this game happen. I hope that we can play Gnome Wars again soon.

Below you can see the pictures of game action. The table features one of Sevy’s beautiful Cigar Box Battle Mats. They are great to game on and photograph splendidly.




3D Printing comes to the Dark Ages

My 3D printer has been busy over the last few weeks and here you can see the fruits of it’s labor. My hopes were to have some appropriate terrain to use for playing Saga.

This collection of models were obtained from Thingiverse for free,  consisting of the full palisade, gate, tent, and wattle fencing. All models were created by Terrain4Print.

I am quite pleased with the results on these prints and they should paint up very well. To finish out this batch of printing there are a couple of buildings in the queue, so stay tuned.

3D Printing & Wargaming


I am a techie at heart and when I can introduce technology into my hobbies, it’s that much better. So a little over a year ago, I took the plunge and dove into the 3d printing pool and I ordered my 3d printer with thoughts of making terrain for wargaming. 

I’ve had mixed results in achieving that goal and plenty of diy maintenance which is par for the course in the technology at this point. A severe print head clog had me out of business for a few months as I was unmotivated to deal with it so no output was seen for most of the winter and spring.  Finally, a few weeks ago I set aside time to tackle this job. When it came down to it it was actually an easy fix. So now I’m looking to get back into printing up the 3D models that purchased from a couple of Kickstarters and build up a small town.

So what do you get in a near 50+ hours of printing? Well you get this very nice model by

The Winterdale Bridge Cottage

The model has good detail and a nice fantasy style which I like. Time to get this one into the terrain painting queue, and on to start printing the next model.




Wargaming Sunday

With summer’s heat ramping up, it was a good day to spend inside and game. Sevy hosted and we played his fantasy ruleset for mass battles. His army was an ancient Greek theme mix (Jartans) with many Spartan and fantasy elements like a Cyclops, Minatores, Satyrs and some skeletons.

On the other side of the battlefield was my Undead horde and their Black Elf allies.

Here is a shot of the initial deployment on the table.

My general’s brigade took control of the high ground in the center of the battlefield, but were held in check there all afternoon aside from the magician casting spells. The Cyclops became a pin cushion for my skeleton archers, and my carnasaur knights got double teamed and were quietly eliminated​. Ranged attacks were my forces friend as crossbows and dragon breath were tough on the satyrs.

A great clash of Undead goodness saw a hoarde of zombies against a unit of skeletons which resulted in a portion of the battlefield littered with bones and body parts as both units dismantled each other.

Action on my left flank went both ways, initial success dealing with Sevy’s Minatore brutes,

But ultimately the elimination of my Wraiths swung the battle to provide a minor victory to the Jartons.

It was a fun afternoon, and good preparation for a fantasy campaign that we are looking to kickoff soon.

Gnome Wars – Scottish Highlanders

This large unit of Brigade Games – Gnome Wars Highlanders were also part of my Historicon haul. I could never pull off painting all that tartan, getting these guys probably was the only way I was ever going to field a painted unit of these Scotts.

Scottish Highland Gnomes with with Lochobar Axes & Sword

Scottish Highland Gnome “Scotch” Grenadiers

Scottish Highland Gnomes with Arquibus

Scottish Highland Gnomes with Blunderbuss

Scottish Highland Gnomes with with Lochobar Axes & Sword

Gnome Wars – Halloween Set: Witch, Vampire and Mummy

Last summer when attending Historicon, I made a few Gnome Wars purchases from Cotton Jim’s Flags (These gnomes were from his personal collection). This was the second time that I was able to come across second hand gnomes, this time they were painted very nicely. They probably could use a rebasing, but that’s for another day. Enjoy!

Gnome Witch

Gnome Vampire

Gnome Mummy

Wizard’s Animals