Gnome Wars – Scottish Highlanders

This large unit of Brigade Games – Gnome Wars Highlanders were also part of my Historicon haul. I could never pull off painting all that tartan, getting these guys probably was the only way I was ever going to field a painted unit of these Scotts.

Scottish Highland Gnomes with with Lochobar Axes & Sword

Scottish Highland Gnome “Scotch” Grenadiers

Scottish Highland Gnomes with Arquibus

Scottish Highland Gnomes with Blunderbuss

Scottish Highland Gnomes with with Lochobar Axes & Sword

Gnome Wars – Halloween Set: Witch, Vampire and Mummy

Last summer when attending Historicon, I made a few Gnome Wars purchases from Cotton Jim’s Flags (These gnomes were from his personal collection). This was the second time that I was able to come across second hand gnomes, this time they were painted very nicely. They probably could use a rebasing, but that’s for another day. Enjoy!

Gnome Witch

Gnome Vampire

Gnome Mummy

Wizard’s Animals