Gnome Wars – Irish (Clurichaun)



As we close out of this most forgettable year, I’ve been working on another unit for my Gnome War’s armies. This group is decked out in red, which seemingly is not very Irish at least the way that we typically imagine, They are not a group of Leprechaun as you might expect, rather they are Clurichaun who are cousins of the Leprechaun, but are generally drunker, surlier and always up to fight.

This is the first half of the unit armed with shillelagh on parade.

Level 1 Complete


The July painting challenge is a success! I have completed my meager goal of six minis with nearly two weeks to spare. I put in a couple of hours in the evening several nights. I block painted, washed and then brought back up the original colors. This is my definition of basic table ready.

There were four different sculpts and I used the same color palette, trying to have them look like a unit.

I think the ideas of this challenge worked for me, but since I set the bar pretty low I didn’t feel any real pressure to finish. Next month I’ll up the ante and try to double the output. I’m not sure if that’s achievable, but I’ll be looking for the next batch to paint over the next few days.

Til next time, Cheers!

Paint Challenge Month #1



Motivation comes in many forms, and in this case a little friendly challenge of friends to in this case challenge themselves to paint minis and lessen the unpainted lead pile. So what’s the goal? 1 unit of minis that can be played in Sevy’s Sword if Severnia fantasy wargame. That would be 6-8 infantry, 3 cavalry, 2-3 brutes, or a single monster in a month. Sounds totally achievable, but history says differently. Obviously we have day jobs, wives and family, homes and other interests all competing for our time. When you whittle that down you don’t have a lot of left over time that is unaccounted for, but if you take small slivers of that time and dedicate it to an achievable goal we might just have a chance. So I say “game on!”

I’ve chosen a small group of Norse archers that can do double duty by being one half of a unit for Saga also. As you can see they are already based and primed. Which give me a little head start that can only help. So six Vikings to be completed by July 15th. Wish me luck. Check out my progress in future posts. Cheers!

3D Printing Pandemic



Life has been certainly different during these past weeks. Work from home and nowhere to go certainly gives a hobbyist an opportunity to dedicate time to things they enjoy. So what do I turn my focus to, well that 3D printer that has sat idle for too many months to count gets new life. I have quite a collection of STL files of terrain, Dragons and novelties, but a goal of mine is to have enough models to set up a village to game around. So here’s my output with paint on them that I have completed over the last two months.

Welcome to the local Black Smith from Printable Scenery

I figured that the Smithy would need a home of sorts nearby so I thought this small hovel would work well for this.

Come back soon and seen where you can meet up with fellow adventurers in this village.


Lots of Orcs

Sometimes you find that a nice lot of minis on EBay for a good price that need just a little TLC to take them to the next level. This is what I experienced with this set of GW orcs. They came in two purchases from the same seller with one being nearly fully painted and the other one with some basic color blocking done. So I continued the color palette, brushed on a Minwax dip, based and flocked… and voilà.

Games Workshop Orcs – Set #1

Games Workshop Orcs – Set #2

Now that’s a lot of Greenskins.

At the paint table


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As it seems, the cold of winter and the heat of summer are my most productive times at the paint table. One of my unofficial New Years resolutions was to paint more minis. So here is my first batch. They are a unit Dwarf Wars Zahakatpunkt Infantry Archers from Westwind Miniatures.

I’ve just finished up a few of these guys on horseback, which just need to be based. Hopefully you will see them in a few days.


War Trolls

Keeping the painting mojo going, here is Set 3 of Dark Alliance Miniatures War Trolls. My generous friend Sevy picked these out and donated them to my collection, a few conventions back. They are very inspired by/copied from the LOTR cave trolls from the movies. There are four different models, all posed to smash their opponents. Enjoy!!